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, local and federal governments, and so we're confident that the assets are positioned for an effective response in the aftermath of the storm. >> reporter: with sandy expected to affect the northeast through thursday, that response could take some time. and there are also reports of fatalities from sandy. at least five people, from falling tree limbs. >>> here is even more proof of sandy's power. a dock house in massachusetts is no more, thanks to big, strong waves. off the waters of north carolina, the coast guard rescued more than a dozen people after sandy sunk their ship. one other crew member was found unresponsive and the ship's captain remains missing. the hms bounty was a replica of a vessel from the 1700's and appeared in a number of big- budget films. and in maryland, a wave knocked down a cbs national correspondent, chip reed. reed says he, his photographer and their equipment are all okay. paul deanno is tracking sandy's every move. >> sandy is 800 miles wide and 800 miles long, one of the biggest storms in american history here. look at the size of this, bringing snow to p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1